WWF House Show Results : Glasgow, Scotland 2nd May 2002

The Fink comes out to ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and gives the usual crap about no laser pens and no videotaping, etc. then introduces a very special guest – one of the top divas – no not Mae Young, Debra! Debra comes out, poses for a bit and talks about her husband ‘opening a can of whoop ass’ tonight…

Match 1: RVD vs. X-Puke
Then the place goes mental as RVD’s theme hit, and we get the usual poses and spins. Then the epilepsy inducing strobes signify X-Puke’’s (with Kane’s mask) arrival. X-Puke gets a nice Scottish welcome, if you class the whole arena screaming ““X-Pac Sucks”” as nice. I try in vain to get a ‘1-2-3’ chant going, to no avail.

After what felt like 10 minutes of posing, crotch chops, talking to the crowd, thumbs and trash talk, they finally lock up to a huge cheer. Pretty short match, all the usual spots from RVD, X-Pac didn’’t do a lot other than miss a bronco buster. Brief ‘ECW’ chant as RVD hit a guillotine legdrop off the apron. RVD hits the five star froggy (which I got a killer picture of, by the way) to win.

Match 2: Molly Holly & Mr. Perfect vs. Jacqueline & Jerry Lawler
Jacqueline is tiny. I don’t mean small, I mean ‘put in your pocket’ tiny. Lawler & Perfect both got huge pops, Lawler just edging it in the end. Molly missed a Molly-go-round to a huge cheer, then Jacqueline stole her hair extensions(???) and Lawler rolled up Mr. P to take the popular win. Perfect put in a good shift, stuns me why he looks so poor on TV.

Match 3: Matt Hardy vs. Brock Lesnar.
Matt got the high pitched girlie pop you expected, and Lesnar even had a brief chant go round the arena for him. Let’s get it out of the way : Lesnar is frighteningly huge, but the speed makes him seem even more scary. Matt got a lot of offence in early on, which Lesnar sold, but shrugged off. Matt got the yodelling legdrop of doom in, went for the twist of fate, which was blocked. Lesnar hit a massive F5 – the ring literally bounced to put Matt out of his misery. Slightly upset there was no triple powerbomb, despite me screaming ‘Kill! Kill’ at Lesnar. No Heyman either.

Match 4: Jazz vs. Trish.
I’’ve never really been a big fan of Trish on TV, but she looks good in person. Then, to complete the contrast, out comes Jazz, who I desperately wanted to start a ‘You’’re a Man’ chant about, but quite frankly, she’’d hunt me down and kill me. By WWF Women’s standards, this was a good match. Trish has improved so much, but Jazz really impressed me. Jazz takes the win with the STF in the end.

Match 5: Shawn Stasiak vs. Justin Credible vs. Crash vs. Steven Richards
Hardcore fatal four way. One of the most entertaining matches of the night for me, but that was more to do with the guy behind me who absolutely hated Crash and was screaming for anyone near him to do all manner of evil and probably illegal things to him. Nice spot with everyone clearing out of the ring at once, and synchronised garbage throwing into the ring, then chaos as Crash cleared house with a ladder. I debated an ‘”Aldo Aldo”’ chant at Justin Credible then decided he’s not worth the effort…

Stasiak won the title with a roll-up on Crash (to the guys behind me’s delight) then got superkicked by Credible to lose the belt, who was in turn Tornado DDT’d by Crash to switch the title again (guy behind me nearly explodes), before Steven Richards restored the status quo with a superkick to Crash (guy behind explodes again). Thinking that was it, Richards relaxed and tried to escape, but Stasiak grabbed him, rolled him up and regained the title, before Steven recovered, won the title back and ran for the hills… all of this in a minute! Great action to end the match with.

Smoke filled the entrance way as the ‘sweep up’ guy (who got huge cheers all the way through and milked it for all it was worth) cleared the debris and Earl Hebner made his way down to a small ‘You screwed Bret’ chant from the stands.

Match 6: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Big Show
Austin got a huge ovation from the Glasgow crowd as he did the usual turnbuckle poses, and then got on the mic to “what” his way through a story about a man named Jed, and how the Big Show screwed him over. Show came out (without X-Pac as announced by the Fink) and man, he’s massive. Austin told Show to get his ass in the ring, showed him the Austin finger, and the match was underway.

I don’t know if the Show’s elevation to main event level has done him good, but I’’ve never seen the Show look better in the WWF. He sold well, he worked the crowd, and we only had a couple of bearhug rest points from him. I actually thought I may have killed Austin at one point as I shouted for Show to do the moonsault and he started climbing the ropes, but it was only a missed Slingshot Splash… whew! No nWo interference as Austin took the win with 2 stunners (cleanly) and stunned the Show again when he recovered. Austin and Hebner drink beers on the turnbuckles after the match as we have a 10 minute intermission to go and buy stuff…

10 Minute Intermission

We came back with what I’d been looking forward to…

Match 7 : Spike Dudley & Tommy Dreamer vs. Booker & Goldust
Tag Team Tables Match
I’’m a die hard Dreamer mark, and had seen a card for Glasgow in the week, and he wasn’’t on it. Thankfully he was here and I lost my voice shouting his name to get him to look over so I could take a picture. I got one, but my throat hurts now… Booker was incredibly over as a face, and seemed to enjoy it. Very good match, Spike & Dreamer doing the “Get The Tables” spot, and also hitting Goldust with a few of his Daddy’s bionic elbows – nice.

Booker got the most chants, although Dreamer got a small chant and a huge ‘ECW’ chant went round as Dreamer & Spike took control. Huge pop for the Spinerooni, and I popped when Dreamer did his seemingly trademark crotching on the ringside railing. Tommy Dreamer Spicolli Drivered Goldust through a table propped up in the corner to take the win in the end after Goldust knocked out Booker with a kick. Booker & Goldust hugged after the match and made up, but Booker got the cheers from the crowd.

Match 8: Jeff Hardy vs. Eddy Guerrero
Again with the high pitch girlie scream, one of the biggest pops of the night in fact. Eddy is hated over here, and played the heel with his usual style, which is great to see in person. It amazes me how much control the wrestlers have over the crowd when you see them live, something you don’t appreciate on TV. We got a ref bump when Eddy laid him out with the IC Belt, and Jeff hit a Swanton (credit due, it looks amazing in person) but there was no ref to make the count.

The ref recovered, and Eddy hit his own version of the Froggy to take the unpopular win. Except for me and the guy next to me – we were happy with it! Eddy was the second most hated man of the night for his antics in and out of the ring, and looked in great shape.

Match 9: Bradshaw vs. Scott Hall
Bradshaw came out and made Mick Foley turn in his hypothetical grave for the amount of cheap pops in one promo… Bradshaw told us his family tree traces back to Scotland (riiiiight) and he was looking for “a pint, and a plate of haggis” before giving a shout out to Faarooq, Flower Of Scotland (the national anthem), Braveheart and Scottish freedom. Not wanting to be outdone, Hall (with the help of X-Puke) did his “hey yo” thing to a big cheer, and told us the wind in Scotland doesn’’t blow, it sucks… how nice.

The match? Well, pretty much the worst match of the night for me. Nothing interesting until Kevin Nash wandered out and did nothing (nice job – fly to Europe, walk down the aisle, stand there, and walk back – all for $750k a year) to distract Bradshaw. Bradshaw stood on the second rope in the corner trying to get at Nash, and Hall came up behind him and hit a picture perfect Razor’s Edge to take the 1-2-3. The 3 member of the nWo (no Show) hugged and jumped up and down like they were 10 and wandered off backstage to jeers galore.

Before the main event, Fink helpfully told us that the WWF have good fans, great fans, but in Glass-cow (sick) the WWF have found the BEST fans… and of course we all ate it up. You have to be there, seriously…

Match 10: Triple H & Ric Flair vs. William Regal & The Undertaker
What a way to finish the show… Undertaker got a huge pop for just walking out, Flair was treated like a God, but Trips nearly blew the house down. As awesome as his music seems on TV, in person it is 10 times better. Regal was the only man in this match to cop any form of heel heat. Being English, i’t’s understandable, I suppose. The crowd informed him he sucked, and he told us he didn’’t because he “wasn’’t Scottish” – excellent heel heat for that one.

Trips got the mic, and told us he knows Regal sucks (how?) and then beat Regal about a bit, and he ended up on his knees in front of the Taker, and Trips gleefully said ““See? Told you”…” very funny, especially when The Taker took exception to Regal being there… Every time Flair hit a chop, the whole arena went “Whooo!” which he seemed to enjoy, and we got the double chop and strut spot from Trips & Flair. Both Flair and Taker(????) hit Flair flops, and Flair even hit the Flip over the ropes to a huge ovation. Flair bumps like he’s in his 20’s not his 50’s.

In the end, Taker & Trips fought outside while Regal tried to get “The Power Of The Punch” until Flair low blowed him and rolled him up for the pin. Flair and Trips pose in the ring and Flair retires to the back with Trips… until Trips’ music starts up and we get a 15 minute pose fest from Trips in which he did everything but Hogan’s hand-to-ear schtick.

A nice way to end the show, and I can’t wait until the WWF come back again, perhaps with the Smackdown Roster. A great show, as shown by the 70+ pics I took, the loss of voice and sore hands and feet from clapping and stamping.

Biggest Pops:
Trips & Flair
Booker (?)

Most Heat